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Polish Army During the Second World War

Polish Campaign of 1939
On 1 September 1939 at 4:45 am, without any declaration of war, Germany carried out an armed assault on Poland. Despite having less arms and equipments at their disposal...

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Polish Army Between 1914 and 1939

During the First World War, armies of the partitioner included approximately 3.5 million Poles – citizens of Prussia, Russia, and Austria. At the same time, national military formations were created...

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Medieval Times

We will begin the history of military land forces from battle that took place on 24 June 972 at the Odra river, near the town of Cedynia. Supported by cavalry, the infantry of Mieszko I, the Duke of P...

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Garrison life in 1921–39

Garrison life in its broad sense was an important part of military service. It included training, time spent in barracks, and spare time during leave of absence. Remember that military buildings const...

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