Medieval Times

We will begin the history of military land forces from battle that took place on 24 June 972 at the Odra river, near the town of Cedynia. Supported by cavalry, the infantry of Mieszko I, the Duke of Polans, consisting of shield bearers and archers, set up an ambush and then put the army of the assailant, Odo, the Margrave of the Lusatian March, to rout.

The showcase contains a reconstructed clothes and arms of a medieval warrior. As an armour, they had a Norman helmet with a chainmail collar attached to it and a wooden round shield reinforced with an iron umbo. They fought, using a spear with an iron point and an axe. 

Beside, there is a figure of a knight of the battle of Grunwald (1420) in a chainmail reinforced with an iron cuirass, bracers and leg armour, as well as a tunic with a coat of arms worn over the armour. The head is protected with a cervelliere and a “dog-faced” visor. In one hand he holds a shield with the Grzymała coat of arms, and in the other – a sword. 

At the bottom of the showcase, there are original swords: Celtic (crude) and long, designated with a figure of a running wolf – sign of sword-makers from Solingen. The showcase is complemented by stone cannon balls used in the dawn of artillery.

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